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Sell Real Estate

Selling real estate is often one of life’s largest financial decisions. When that property is farm and ranch land you need more than a sign and MLS listing to maximize the value. You need a marketing team that works every day to achieve maximum results. The Alliance team understands the ever-changing market and provide our clients with a proven and effective buffet of marketing solutions that fit the specific needs of the client.

What Marketing Solution is right for you?

The Alliance team is unique as we offer our clients superior representation with two types of marketing options. Our clients can choose to market their land by auction or by listing, each have their own pro and con characteristics. Depending on your property, the market and your goals one method may be perfect and the other may be completely wrong to achieve your desired outcome.

Why should you List your land instead of market by auction?

Each tract of land has a market value. Each seller has desired price they wish to receive. Land with low productivity ratings, low income ratio, access issues, high mortgages, above market price desires or where the seller is not comfortable committing to the auction process might be best marketed by an “ask & wait” listing program.

Listings can be aggressive in their nature as the seller starts at one price and works the asking price down over time or they can stay at the asking price and wait for the market to reach their desired amount. It can take time to find the right buyer and many sellers are willing to accept a longer wait than a lower price.

Since there is no published date to sell then buyers tend to move slower, they will negotiate on price and terms to achieve the best deal they can. The market can change up or down for a seller during the term of a listing, neighbors can change for better or worse, access can change for better or worse or any number of factors that can affect the final selling price of a property.

Properties can always be turned from a listing to an auction if the sellers goals change. The auction method will guarantee present market value, sometimes that meets or exceeds the seller’s goals and sometimes it does not.

When Should you market your property by auction?

Selling land at auction is straightforward and clean. Sellers will experience much less frustration and time commitment while they control every aspect of the sale. Auctions, done properly by an experienced team, will bring the present market price everytime.

Auctions bring excitement, urgency, notoriety. Competition among bidders is what makes this a superior marketing and sales process for most assets. If sellers want to rest assured they achieved the maximum amount for their property and they want to sell it in a reasonable amount of time with less showings and no negotiations between buyer and seller AND the property is desirable in the marketplace then the auction method is the perfect solution.

Alliance is a leader in the land auction business and has been recognized by the Land Report as a top Land Auction Firm six times since entering the list in 2010. We have the knowledge and the experience to successfully sell your land by auction.

Auctions offer several different sub-marketing types. Your property might best be marketed by live auction, online auction, online and live, multi-parcel, or online multi-parcel. Your Alliance representative will visit your property, discuss your goals, research market trends in the area and advise and counsel you on the best way to achieve your desired results.