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Jet Jones

Jet Jones


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Alliance Auction and Realty
895 E South Loop,
Stephenville, TX 76401

Born and raised in the great state of Texas, Jet got his passion for selling at a young age by buying motorcycles to turn for a profit. At 15 years old, Jet met Arizona auctioneer, Justin Hargrave, from going door-to-door looking for work on a summer break. One day, Justin took Jet to a Tucson public auto auction and it was at that moment, Jet found his life calling… running his mouth for a living! That summer spending time and learning the in and outs of the auction profession, lead Jet to go to the Texas Auction Academy in 2015 to gain his Texas Auctioneers License. Jet was very fortunate to have guidance along the way from world-renowned auctioneers and gained experiences that helped perfect his craft, which money can’t buy. Jet continues to humble himself and shows gratitude towards fellow auction professionals who help him become a better businessman.

Jet moved to North Idaho, fall of 2015, and started his own auction company, Jet Jones Auctions, LLC. In 2017, Jet produced his first auction solely under his business name and it was a huge success. Jet had a successful business selling heavy equipment, automobiles, full estates as well as GSA Auctions. Jet continued to work for many other auto, exotic car and heavy equipment auctions, throughout the United States. With a big heart, Jet has done multiple charity auctions to help organizations and individuals in dire need to raise funds. One of Jet’s biggest fulfillments is the gratification of using his talents and skills to help people produce capital.

In 2019, Jet moved back to his home state to further his career in the auction business. Jet bought a ranch with his girlfriend, Amanda Haworth, who is a professional barrel racer and futurity trainer, in Stephenville, Texas, where they raise and train quality performance horses with their two dogs, which they consider their kids. When Jet is not on the block selling, you’ll find him dabbling in real-estate potentials, equipment, as well as his collection of classic cars, motorcycles and supporting Amanda at rodeos.

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