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Alliance Auctioneers has ample experience in selling everything from pots & pans typically found in every estate to multi-million-dollar real estate by the auction method of marketing. Each auction is as unique as each person’s fingerprint; there are no two auctions the same. With the uniqueness of each auction comes a unique marketing plan, not boiler-plate style marketing. Whether you are needing to settle an estate, liquidate a business, reduce inventory or sell real estate, Alliance Auctioneers will tailor a marketing plan specific to your needs, specific to the market, and specific to exceeding your expectations. Alliance Auctioneers specializes in the following auctions:

  • Real Estate
  • Business Liquidations
  • Farm & Ranch Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Inventory/Fleet Reductions
  • Estates
  • Government/School/Municipal
  • Bankruptcy


Types of Auctions We Offer


Absolute auctions are defined as being “free from restriction or limitation,” meaning simply, that the property offered will sell to the highest bidder without reserve, regardless of price. Alliance has witnessed that absolute auctions increase auction attendance and interest by 25% – 50% and increase your overall return by 7% – 20%, depending on the asset offering.


Auctions with reserve are auction events where the seller and auction firm mutually agree that the property being offered will sell for any bid received at or above the undisclosed reserve price. If the auction price does not meet or exceed the reserve price, the property does not sell.


Live auctions are auction events that are held on-site or at a neutral location, and are conducted by the auctioneer “calling the bid” in a traditional auction chant style.


Online only auctions are conducted solely through an online bidding platform utilizing the internet or smartphone app. Typically, these are timed events where the buyer has a certain number of days or hours to competitively bid on the property with a designated close time.


Hybrid/simulcast auctions offer the best the auction marketing industry has to offer. These auctions combine the tradition, talent, and excitement offered by a live auctioneer with the marketing power, convenience and audience boost of the internet. Buyers can choose to attend the live auction and bid to the auctioneer or bid in real time via the internet or the Alliance Auctioneers bidding app on their smartphone.


Multi-parcel real estate auctions offer the seller the rare opportunity to sell large tracts of real estate for the higher price per acre typically reserved for smaller tracts. The multi-parcel auction is a unique and highly specialized method of marketing farms, ranches and larger tracts of raw land. Rest assured that the Alliance team has the experience and capability to offer multi-parcel auctions and have taught hundreds of our auction and real estate colleagues over the years how this unique method can benefit the seller and buyer alike. Before you hire anyone to conduct your real estate auction, make certain they have experience and a successful track record in conducting multi-parcel auctions. Read more about Multi-Parcel Auctions, Buy the Piece Articles from the Texas A&M Real Estate Center.