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Over 100 years of combined auction marketing experience.

More than 3,000 auctions and over $1 Billion sold.


Grow Your Real Estate Business by Forming an Alliance!

As a real estate professional you are a master at listing, showing & selling. What can you do today that will generate sales, generate qualified and ready to buy leads, while solidifying your place in the market as the real estate pro that can get things done quick?

You can form an Alliance with a results oriented team of professionals.

Alliance Auctioneers becomes your auction division adding a high powered bullet to your marketing holster and allowing you to increase your sphere of influence, bottom line and database of potential buyers. We invite you to take a few minutes and review our services page to learn how you can benefit from forming an ALLIANCE.


When you bring a property to market through the auction method you energize the marketplace and the ripple effect benefits your business every bit as much as it does your client.

With a real estate auction marketing campaign, you can expect:

  1. To get maximum exposure for the property being offered
  2. To establish the market value for the property being offered
  3. To flood the market with marketing material with your brokerage information & Logo
  4. To receive 100+/- leads of buyers who are in the marketplace NOW
  5. To gain more listings through expanded exposure
  6. To become the local brokerage that offers the auction option.
  7. To direct all buyers to your door during the marketing period

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Alliance Auctioneers offers established real estate brokerage firms the unique ability to instantly engage an experienced, proven real estate auction team for your brokerage. Our team becomes your team. We handle all things auction related from the initial client consultation to closing we are an extension of your brokerage.

Every single marketing effort put forth for your client’s auction will be branded exclusively and solely by your brokerage firm. Only where legally required will our name be mentioned. This puts your brokerage in the driver’s seat in the public’s mind as the firm that can offer more than your competition.

Our team handles all the phone calls (through our toll free “Auction Division” number), email requests, auction marketing and auction event preparation & staffing. We ask that you be the contact person for the seller, be present at all open houses and showings and on auction day. Once the auction is booked, the Alliance team will operate efficiently in the background while you continue to list, show and sell properties.


We have designed this unique program for real estate professionals in an effort to maximize the listing agent’s commission. With an auction we charge a 5% Buyer’s Premium which is fully disclosed on all advertising and announced at the auction to make buyers aware. By utilizing the Buyer’s Premium your listing agreement stays in place with your seller at the commission rate that you have already negotiated with your seller.

Through the auction contract we actually add the 5% Buyer’s Premium to the seller’s proceeds and then charge the seller an additional 5% of commission. This makes the transaction iron clad that the listing agent and the auction company are paid by the seller and representing the seller, not the buyer.

Once any co-brokerage is deducted from the net commissions the listing brokerage and Alliance split the remaining commission dollars 50/50. Below is an example of how the commission would work with a co-operating broker and assuming the listing commission is 6%

Hammer Price..............................$100,000
Buyer’s Premium...........................+$5,000
Contract Price:.............................$105,000
Gross Commission of 11%.............$11,550
Less Co-Brokerage.......................($2,500)
Net to Listing Broker......................$4,525
Net to Alliance.................................$4,525

Non-Real Estate, Personal Property Auctions

Whether you sell your client’s property by auction or traditional brokerage you can provide them additional service by referring our services to market their commercial or personal non-realty assets by auction. Our team of auction professionals will utilize our marketing skills, set-up the auction and conduct the auction in a professional manner. Once the auction is complete you will receive a generous referral fee that will add to your bottom line while serving the best interest of your client with only an introduction on your part.