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The Advantages of Multi-Parcel Auctions

Multi-parcel auctions offer buyers and sellers unique opportunities in large land transactions. This proven and effective form of marketing offers the seller more control over the transaction. Multi-parcel auctions accelerate the sales process by leveraging a high energy marketing campaign to drive the value of the property.

While the process may seem complicated at first, the Alliance team takes great strides to assure buyers not only understand, but are very comfortable with the process prior to auction day.

Visit with your real estate professional about multi-parcel auctions to determine if your property could benefit from this effective marketing and selling method.


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The multi-parcel auction method allows smaller tracts to be offered for purchase within a larger property. This allows more buyers to participate in a single auction event, but still gives the seller a specific date that all tracts will sell. Bidders have an equal opportunity to bid on any single tract, any combination of tracts or the entire offering as a whole. More bidders means increased competition which is advantageous for the seller and represents the highest and best price the market will bear.

Real Estate Auctions Offer the Following Advantages:

  • Fair market value is achieved in a competitive, fair, open and transparent atmosphere.
  • Auctions are proven, they are quick and they are effective.
  • Auctions accelerate the time needed for marketing a property, insuring a quick close while reducing seller’s carrying costs.
  • Auctions allow sellers the comfort of knowing they received the most the market would bear because qualified buyers were competing against each other.
  • Seller takes control of the transaction by dictating the terms, conditions and the dates of the sale.
  • Auctions eliminate buyers placing property in a holding pattern with contingencies that often result in “free look” periods while the property is off the market.
  • Auctions create a sense of urgency and forces interested buyers to a point of decision.