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Save Your Expired Listing!

Expired listings happen to the best of us. Nobody bats a thousand in real estate. What if you were able to resurrect more expired listings with a fresh marketing plan? Have you considered discussing the auction method of marketing with your client? If you have a client that wants to sell for a fair market price, auction marketing may be perfect for you to save your listing and your client to sell a property. Auction? What? Why would you suggest such a thing? Allow us to explain, just watch the video…


We are not suggesting every property or every seller are good for auction marketing, but if they are you are a hero to your client.

Alliance runs the auction marketing campaign parallel with your listing agreement. We become your auction marketing division. We design a custom marketing campaign for each property and strive to exceed the expectations of you and your client. You keep the commissions you have already negotiated, our fees are actually paid by the buyer through a modest 5% Buyer’s Premium.

Contact us today at 254-965-4040 to learn how we can help you save that expired listing.

Additionally, you can click here to visit a page designed for you to send to your client that will start the conversation about auction marketing.